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Clinical Study Service at Buero Neumann

Service for Clinical Trials in Germany

Study Start Up Phase

  • Searching for suitable sites for your indication
  • Professional first contact with study teams
  • Feasibility telephone interviews
  • Site visits with thorough check of suitability
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Providing needed site documents for EC submission
  • Submission to all Ethics Committees and National Competent Authority
  • Study Initiation Visits

Recruitment Period

  • Notification of the Local Regulatory Authorities for each site
  • 100% availability for sites especially during starting phase
  • Monitoring with reporting within maximum of 5 calendar days
  • Site management
  • submission of substantial and non-substantial amendments

End of Study

  • Close Out Visits
  • Notification of End of Study to Ethics Committees, National Competent - Authority and Local Regulatory Authorities


  • Providing study material to sites (e.g. loggers, fridges, freezers etc.)
  • Organize Investigator meetings in Germany
  • Translations
  • Assisting with Audit preparation

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