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Guidelines and costs of Buero Neumann

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Quality needs efficiency in Communication therefore we always provide friendly, competent and uncomplicated assistance to your sites and to you! Excellent communication skills with trial physicians, site personal at all kinds of facilities such as Clinics, GP offices, ICUs are our Must! This combined with knowing our tools ICH-GCP, national and international laws and your SOPs ensures Quality. Our business hours are from Mon-Fri from 09:00 to 19:00 and beyond this if needed, so flexibility is something you can expect from us; this gives you and the sites reliability. We not only try to meet timelines, but give it that bit extra to be a bit more quick!

Our main Motto: We do not dive into problems but swim to solutions!

Is this free?

No! Quality costs! We charge all activities per hour. There are two basic hourly rates for all non-submission related activities, e.g. site management and a rate for submission related activities. After the client lets us know what is needed, we come back with an offer on these two rates. After input from the client about the specifically needed services, an estimate for a budget can be done. Budget control is with the client! We will keep the cleinet if needed updated weekly on accomplished tasks and used hours. All freelance colleagues negotiate the rates for their service directly with the client. Buero Neumann does not subcontract! If wished though by the client and agreed by our colleagues we can provide a master contract. Contractual responsibility stays with each contractor and the client.

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